Giovanni Dezio

Giovanni Dezio

Finance Manager, Amplifon Spa

Currently employed at Amplifon Spa

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    I have developed my experience in Finance. Today I work for Amplifon SpA as Finance Manager. My professional experiences have been developed in Industrial, Services, and Industrial Plant Companies (job on commission). I have been stimulated to understand and to anticipate as well company needs. To issue better solutions expected by the Company. I know very well typical international payments, as well as financial activities. I have Managed Industrial Projects; Financial Plants; Agreements with Financial Institutions and Customers; Re-organization of Finance structures (Treasury procedures processes and system implementation; Credit Management and out-sourcing activities). Every time taking care of the Company’s needs and expectations. Today I am also Project Manager, as Administrative Field Support – Training on going, Administrative Book Procedures, Audit Protocol and Program definition. Amplifon is an Italian multi national Company listed on the Milan stock exchange. Over 400 stores are operative in the Italian Country. Main objectives have been to create efficiency and optimization in the back office Field organization by training and auditing activities. I like to work in a team, bringing innovation, and seeing problems as opportunities.


Finance Manager

At Amplifon Spa

From 2006 to Present
Finance Manager, New Treasury system implemented (Piteco 2000 available for corporate cash flow management); New Monthly Cash Flow and Annual Financial Budget Report; New Function of Credit Management; New Procedures and Tools Analyses of Credit (Aging, DSO, Budgeting); Relationships with Financial...
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Diploma Finanza Analisi di Bilancio e Controllo di Gestione, Alma Laboris

From novembre 2012 to febbraio 2013
Master Finanza Analisi di Bilancio Controllo di Gestione - Approfondimento, orientamento, Area Finance: disegnare un'organizzazione efficiente ed efficace sulla base di adeguate procedure di analisi e controllo della gestione di impresa per generare valore.

Project Financial Manager

At Pellegrini Spa

From 2001 to 2006
Project Financial Manager, Commercial Financial Support for Management contracts (Public Companies), Business Investment support, Cash flow Implementation, Medium-Term Debt Management, Financial and Bank Relationship Manager (40 Banks), Credit Management; Reporting to Board; NFP strongly...
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Administration Financial and Control Manager

At Lauda Air spa

From 2000 to 2001
Administration Financial and Control Manager New Budget and Control Management reporting; Re-organization of all Administrative structure and procedures implemented, New Treasury cash flow implemented; Relationships with Financial Institutions, Investor Business Plan developed, reports to Italian...
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Group Financial Manager

At Redaelli Tecna Holding Spa

From 1998 to 2000
Group Financial Manager, Re organization of Group's debt; Project Finance Manager of the Major contracts (public works in Italy and abroad), Relationships with Financial Institutions; Forfaiting contracts, International Re-covering Risk; Credit Management (domestic and export terms of payment);...
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Administrative and Financial Manager

At Nassetti Spa

From 1987 to 1998
Administrative and Financial Manager: Procedures of Cash Flow and Treasury account, Credit Management (Export – applications Letters of Credit - international draft and bills of exchange), Financial Plan and Currency Balance, Coordinator of General, Bank, and Customer Accounts; periodical balance...
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Chief Accountant

At Tipolitografia Colli Srl

From 1987 to 1988
Chief Accountant: General and Customer Account; Relationship with Suppliers and Bank


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