Gianluigi Zarantonello

Gianluigi Zarantonello

Chief Digital Officer, OVS spa

Currently employed at OVS spa

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    I'm an innovation lover and I think that the difference between online and offline is now just an old issue in a multichannel world. Now all marketing roles are digital oriented and need new skills and a different organization inside the companies. I'm working every day to be ready for that. Per informazioni vedi anche



Chief Digital Officer

At OVS spa

From gennaio 2015 to Present
I report to CTO, and working close to marketing and sales I'm in charge of governance, development and innovation of technology focused on customers for the brands OVS, Coin, Coincasa, Upim, Excelsior Milano, Iana, Eat's, Blukids, Shaka Innovative Beauty. I help businesses transform traditional IT...
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Digital Marketing Manager

At Gruppo Coin

From marzo 2012 to dicembre 2014
Head of Digital for the corporate marketing, in charge of all the digital activities for the brands Ovs, Coin, Coincasa, Upim, Excelsior Milano, Iana, Eat's, Blukids, Shaka Innovative Beauty. Reporting to the managing director, I develop the digital omnichannel strategy in cooperation with the...
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Web marketing manager

At Coin Spa

From 2006 to marzo 2012
I start working in the company as web marketing specialist (a new role for the firm), member of the marketing department of Coin Spa (the leading department store in Italy, hold by Gruppo Coin Spa). Then, I became Web marketing Manager, I was the project manager of the web site and of all digital...
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Responsabile progetto

At Connecting-Managers

From 2002 to 2006
I have worked in the project since it was started in 2003. At the beginning I was the content manager and the chief of the editors, in charge of the contents. After a year, I begun the head of project on the web and the community manager. Connecting-Managers has been probably the first project of...
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Responsabile marketing

At Age

From 2004 to 2005
I worked in my home's office through Internet because the headquarter was 1000 km far from me. My role was a sort of temporary manager, in charge of developement of the marketing proposition of the press agency, which had a strong online focus. I worked in particular on the b2b products (content...
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Senior content manager


From 2002 to 2004
I was the chief of the editors and I managed the workflow of the publishing system, the web site had a group of editors and a lot of registered non professional contributors. In Italy, Comunitazione since year 202 has been maybe the first site which has been developed a collaborative content...
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G. G. Trissino, Valdagno

G. G. Trissino

From 1994 to 1999
Liceo Classico


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