Christina Rookmaaker

Christina Rookmaaker

Digital Marketing Strategist specialized in Travel WebSites

Currently employed at Caprionline,

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    ► BIO My name is Christina Rookmaaker, I'm born in Los Angeles. Since 1981 I have lived in Italy, in Naples and on the island of Capri.
 Since 2005 I work at,, and Actually as Digital Marketing Strategist. ► SKILLS I am a skilled problem solver with a natural ability to see situations from a different perspective. This same ability helps me to anticipate difficulties and the needs of users and clients. ► SPECIALTIES (FOR TRAVEL WEBSITES AND HOTEL WEBSITES): ✓ Web Analytics (Google Analytics, ✓ Search Engine Optimization SEO ✓ Google Places ✓ AdWords Keyword Advertising ✓ Social Media ✓ UX ✓ IA Information Architecture ✓ Web Writing ✓ Surveys ( ✓ Email Marketing ( ✓ Balsamiq Mockups ► I'M TRYING TO USE BETTER: ✓ User Testing (, ✓ Agile Methodology ► DAILY TOOLS: Agilezen, Socialcast, Pivotal, Backpack, Highrise, FreshBooks, UserVoice, SeoMoz, Skype In my spare time I'm passionate about New Trends, Fashion, Indie Music, Good Food in Good Restaurants and Travelling. I'm also an Apple Addicted.



Digital Strategist

At Caprionline

From gennaio 2009 to Present
► Specifies the company's vision, goals, opportunities and initiatives in order to maximize the business benefits digital investments and efforts provide to the organization. ✓ Identifies the key opportunities and challenges where online assets provide a solution; ✓ Identifies the unmet needs and...
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SEO Copywriter


From 2007 to Present
► The SEO (Search Engine Optimizator) Copywriter is the editor that "optimizes" the texts for the web by entering keywords to be found by search engines. ► The SEO copywriter writes the text visible to the reader but also the meta description tag, the page title and keywords useful for search...
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Web Writing


From 2006 to Present
► Text for websites, promotional copywriting, article writing for business blogs and for marketing purposes.

Customer Care

At Caprionline srl

From 2006 to 2009
► Responsibilities: ✓ Responding to customer emails ✓ Troubleshooting common problems with our products ✓ Helping customers & potential customers

Administrative Assistant


From 2005 to 2009
► Responsibilities: ✓ Perform administrative tasks (Manage calendars, book travel, and schedule facilities and equipment). ✓ Build efficiency and effective responsiveness into existing operations, and help define new operational strategies. ✓ Mentor new team members. ✓ Serve as a technical lead...
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Online Music Management Agency

At 55agency - Music Management

From 1998 to 2008
► Web Marketing for Indie Music: ✓ Online Promotion and Web Reputation ► Providing services for 'Live Entertainment': ✓ Technicians ✓ Production ✓ On Stage skills ✓ Sound Engineers


  • Agile
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Strategic Planner
  • Digital strategist
  • Google Analytics Consultant
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Seo copywriter
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  • Amsterdam
  • Fashion
  • Good Food in Good Restaurants
  • Indie Music
  • London
  • Luciano Ligabue
  • Manhattan NYC
  • The Beatles
  • Travelling.
  • and my husband.
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