Jean Claude Chalhoub

Jean Claude Chalhoub

Director, CcUFA

rome, Italy

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His background

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    January 1980

    General Manager


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His skills

  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Insurance

His languages

  • Arabic
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

    His hobbies

    Vintage CarsWatchesOld Traditional WinesHorse Racing

    About him

    Born in Egypt in 1958, with the mixture of Lebanese and Italian origins, Jean Claude Chalhoub is the Chairman of a large international business in the firm of insurance and reinsurance. His character reflects the family culture and education on where he is very grateful to acknowledge that he obtained his success and profession.

    From a very young age, influenced by its Mediterranean origins, Jean Claude Chalhoub quickly becomes multilingual and speaks beautifully 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

    He then decided to study at the Sorbonne University in Paris and obtained his honor degree in Bachelor of Science Major in Economics. He began his career in the company founded by his father in 1949 and later became the Chairman and Managing Director. This company was first build in United Arab of Emirates and England. Due to his different business strategy and having an eye for innovation the company immediately spread on other countries like in the United States of America, Middle East and Europe. He did extend his empire to France, Canada, and especially in Latin America. Though an achiever he still stayed closely working with his family, whose trust and support lies in him. With his father, brother and his son they developed together several companies around the world. Jean Claude Chalhoub was the driving force for growth and for the victory of the corporation; He made a name in the field of insurance and reinsurance. Brilliant director, his success is also based on human and family relationships as well as a successful long-term partnership between the companies.

    Jean Claude Chalhoub being a successful professional strategic director he is also passionate about the cultural diversity that surrounds him day by day. His diversion and recreation such as collection of watches, cars and great vintages gave enjoyment in his heart. He enjoys sailing and discover the wonders of the sea. Jean Claude has a special interest in horse racing and with his intellectual brilliance, and persistence led him in winning several awards and trophies.

    Jean Claude Chalhoub is a business man respected by his staff, his customers and family. He resonates to be a professional, family oriented person whose success is in the sector of insurance and reinsurance.

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